Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Where to Find Used Furniture

Hi Sweet Friends,

Spring is here and there is nothing like opening up my garage and working away while watching the children ride their bikes up and down the street.  Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and the sound of children playing while I work in the garage is music to my ears.  I don't have any small ones BUT I am soon to be grandma!! 

My daughter is very close to finishing college.  About six months ago she came home with the news that I will be a new grandma and her a new mom!  I wouldn't exactly say I wanted to do cartwheels at that moment but it has grown on me and excitement is in the air!!  I know it will give me and my husband of six years a chance to really love another human being together from start to finish!!  We are excited about that!

I have given it a lot of thought and I may slow down on painting  momentarily but will continue to do some custom work from time to time.  I am also entering a new venture with a very good friend of mine.  I will be moving forward with the Event Rentals and I am really excited about it!!  To see some of what I already have click RIGHT HERE .  I have helped with a number of events for family and friends and really enjoyed doing so that I wanted to help others make their special occasion an event to remember!

Ok, so I will be sharing more soon!  Stay tuned!!!!!

Where to find used furniture?? 

I get asked that alot!! It is really not a BIG secret, but it does take work!  Work?  Yes, foot work.  Most of my finds are from second hand stores, antique shops, storage lockers, and auctions.  But the best place to look is on Craigslist.  I know, I know that its very seldom to get a GOOD DEAL on Craigslist.  However, there are people that buy storage lockers and list their goods on Craigslist.  Their goods either sale or become stagnant.  Locker sales are competitive and they will always try to keep their prices competitive as well. They try to move furniture fast because they have rent to pay every month.  So, sometimes you will find their goods come down in price but you will have to either be patient or AGGRESSIVE.  Both do work.  Sometimes cash money in hand is a WIN WIN for both parties. 

 I began making relationships with locker owners or for a lack of a better word, locker furniture sellers.  It initially takes time to build these relationships because you have to make time to meet them, drive to them, spend a little gas money, and then follow up with them.  After due diligence, they will have you on speed dial and will know you well enough to know what you like.  They will eventually call or contact you when they get something in or trying clear their space!!  That is the part that is most rewarding from these types of relationships!!  But I have never walked away with an item I was interested in without leaving with a truckload of stuff they discounted to clean out there space.  This is the TICKET ladies and gentleman.  Being there when nobody else is around and they start lowering their prized items to make room for more!!  Talk about being there at the right time!!

This way has been the most profitable than any other way of finding furniture.  Easy never pays and there is no quick and fast solution to finding beautiful furniture to paint.  Building relationships with fellow competitors has also helped me find beautiful furniture pieces.  I have many friends that have bought pieces from me that I could not get to and vice versa!  You can learn from them and share ideas.  Don't be afraid to get to know others that do the same thing because there is plenty of work to go around for everyone!  Insecurity, greed, and jealousy can only get you so far.  Always lead with an open heart.

I try to never go out of my way to find furniture.  I always stop in an antique store, Salvation Army, and Goodwill as I am passing through.  Either on my way to visiting a relative or out to eat with my husband.  My stops are quick and fast.  Auctions on the other hand take all day to sit through and you can spend an entire day at an auction and come home with nada, zilch, zero!! You can get very lucky at auction, but you can also risk leaving feeling emotionally drained because of the constant noise and bidding that takes place.  It is quite nerve racking but it is a fun experience.  Most auctions are for high end business owners and most average persons would find it to be too expensive.

I asked a couple of people that are in the storage locker business to allow me to blog a little about their business.  There were some who wanted to remain anonymous as they have professional day jobs. But, I did have one young lady that loved the idea!!

MEET JESSICA, Locker Owner

 Jessica can be found on Facebook at Facebook.com/FindersKeepers.  She is a mommy of two toddlers and when she is not running after them she offers beautiful furniture pieces for sale.  She loves what she does and you will quickly become her friend!  She has an eye for gorgeous pieces but you will always find more in her locker space.  She is one of many that offer pieces for your next furniture flip!  She just announced today that she is having a Spring Cleaning sale!!  This is what she posted today but will not be there for long!!

Furniture Pulls

And the cutest tables

Jessica works very hard to find beautiful furniture pieces.  She spends her time looking, driving, and picking these pieces.  So her prices are not garage sale prices but are fair enough to make a profit.  

She is making room for more furniture pieces and she stays really busy over the Spring and Summer time of the year!  I love making friends with people like Jessica, she has sold hundreds of large furniture pieces throughout the time I have known her. 

I wish it was more simple than this folks, however, building relationships does pay off and it will make the hunt less difficult in the end. 


Mary Elizabeth