Saturday, February 14, 2015

INDIGO BLUE painted Occasional Table


I am sharing a quick way to treat yourself this Valentines Day!

I don't know if you noticed lately but indigo blue has been the trending color as of the summer of last year!! I have been itching to paint a buffet or dresser this color for the past year and half.  I just need to gather the courage!! Pottery Barn mixes this color with yellows, oranges, beige (natural materials), grays, and reds.  They compliment every color really!

Photo credit: Pottery Barn  / Doodle credit: Me

I am in no way a designer of any kind and it takes me years to put something together I really like.  Late last year we were updating our color scheme from rust orange walls to a calming gray and white.  I did enjoy the orange and greens but I really wanted muted walls and then to add color and have the freedom to change the color as I pleased.  Well, after we updated our walls I didn't know how to dress up my furniture, or what accessories to buy, or even what complimentary colors to use.  And it stayed that way for 6 months.

It finally hit me the other day, I looked at my two upholstered chairs and gray occasional table in the middle and thought I need to add a punch of color!  Indigo it was!  ((I use my phone camera to capture these photographs which are not the best of quality)

Gray occasional table just made everything look blah!

Indigo painted table

I don't spray paint any furniture I sell, it is all hand painted.  I use spray paint for my home because it is fast and an immediate gratification!  It turned out beautifully and I didn't give it but a quick 3 minute sand down.  I am thinking that spray paint is not so bad. 

The table looks so much better in person.  But I can tell you it adds life to our room!

Indigo Pillows with pops of fuchsia.  (I took this pic before I could take the tags off!! I was trying to get a pic before the sun went down)

The spray paint color I used was Valspar Indigo Streamer in a Satin.  It can be found at Lowes.

Indigo spray paint by Valspar

Satin Indigo Spray Paint by Valspar

Thats right, I said it!  Spray paint is not so bad!  The finish would be even more beautiful had I not painted it previously.  I am currently working on two projects and was a able to add this one because spray paint is quick & fast!  And it covered the entire table with one can!

I hope I inspired you to add a pop of color in your home!

Photo credit:  - HAPPY VALENTINES DAY  

Mary Elizabeth


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