Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ombre Stained Dixie Serpentine Double Dresser


Hi Friends,

 A couple of weeks ago this gorgeous Dixie Serpentine Dresser was finished in an Ombre Stained Finish.  The body was painted white so that there was contrast between the stains and paint.  I stripped the top and with some help the drawers were stripped as well.  It left a nice blank canvas for my imagination to take over!  I love trends.  BUT, they have to be classic enough to be enjoyed for along time.  I thought this was trendy and at the same time very classic!  This piece will allow the owner to change the decor a million times and will fit in every time! 

I have had a few people ask what stains I used and wanted to share the stain colors I used.  I used four different stains and made sure to use a conditioner prior to each application.

Local Lowes store had all of the four stains available.

I liked all four stains including the wheat and driftwood!   Wheat was so rich and appeared as it was made for the original piece.  And the driftwood was very subtle that I hope to use it again very soon!  It was a lot of fun making over this piece. 

The shape of the dresser is called "Serpentine"  It really adds a lot of character.

Curves add a lot of value to the piece and this is the reason its difficult to find or even buy.  The craftsmanship is unbelievable.  It takes days to get a drawer to bow in any direction.  

The stained top did add to the richness of the piece.
 All of the hardware was refinished in a Bronze color.  Sad story, I was so excited to insert all of the hardware and to find out at the very end that one was missing.  Not two, not three, just One!  Oh My GOSH did that just really upset me.  I eventually got over it.  These pulls are gorgeous and add so much appeal and character to the piece!!  I made a promise to myself that I would never stop looking for that missing pull!

The white painted body allows the dresser to feel at home in any setting.

It was a very short stay until it left to a loving home.
I hope that I inspire you to stain a piece of wood or furniture soon!

Mary Elizabeth

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