Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Verdigris Verdigris, Oh how I love thee!

Photo taken By Me:  Fountain Located at Sam Houston Park in Downtown Houston
Ver·di·gris- /ˈvərdəˌɡrēs/   A Green Bluish Patina formed on copper, brass, or bronze surfaces exposed to the elements for a long period of time. 

Natural patinas form on the surface of bronze, copper and other similar metals and the tarnish and oxidation reflects weathering and wearing due to exposure to the elements over time.  Long term exposure for copper generally results in the formation of a distinctive gray-green patina called verdigris.

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I had been really inspired by this Verdigris or Patina for quite sometime. It takes years to get this patina. But I wanted to make my own faux Patina for decorative use only (meaning that you couldn't do this to outdoor objects) and decided to paint a very ornate metal candelabra to achieve this look.  I found this little ornate candelabra years ago at a local thrift shop.  I thought it would compliment my painted furniture and would be a great candidate for this project. 

Start By Cleaning Prior to Painting

Grab Green and Blue Paint Colors from your local Walmart.  Dab on Green paint over the piece.
 I started by cleaning the brass candelabra.  I picked up two cheap bottles of paint in cabbage like Green and sky like Blue.  I dabbed on the Green paint sporadically over the piece. 

I did the same with the blue.  Trying not to cover the same areas. 
I did the same with the Blue paint.

Once the piece is covered...

Use a sponge or paper towel to press the paint into the piece and at the same time meeting the paints together. ((Note: This was my very first experiment.  Don't be afraid to be more generous with the paint.))
After paint dries...
Once the paint dries cover the entire piece with white paint.  ((I should have added a whole lot more white paint but this gives you an idea.))

Using a Spray Bottle with Water..
Once the white paint becomes close to drying, use a spray bottle of water and spray over the piece as if you are trying to make the white paint "cry".  

Using the spray bottle allows the blue and green paint colors come through.

Final Product

 I was able to create a Verdigris effect on the candelabra without high dollar products.  I did not add a primer so the paint will scratch off if I tried.  Thus, not good for outdoor use.

I used it as a prop on one of my past pieces

I think I might try this on a piece of furniture soon!!!  I hope this inspired you today!


Mary Elizabeth

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