Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How To Update Furniture or Cabinet Hardware Quickly

Hi Friends,

I refinished an entry hall table and spent so some time doing so that I wanted to update the hardware quickly.  I did this in less then 30 seconds!  Yep!  I did this inside the house, no spraying, no fumes, or long drying time.  HOW!?! Well, let me show you just how!

You will need:

  • Your Hardware
  • Baroque Art Gilders Paste - $12-$15 (Foundry Bronze was the color I have on hand)
  • Cheap Artist Brush
I like to place the hardware onto the screw to be able to hold it and keep from getting my hands dirty

CLOSEUP - I applied the gilders paste to the top portion of the hardware.  Do you see the difference?

It goes on easy and the transformation is instantaneous! Just brush on and your done!

From Drab to Beautiful!

I really love this stuff and a little goes on long way.  I have been using gilders paste for quite sometime and I have to tell you that its worth every penny. 

I found the hardware (pull) from a stockpile of mismatched hardware I have collected over the years.  I love to shop from my garage!

Hardware can really transform an ordinary piece of furniture!

It kinda dresses it up like jewelry!

You can find this paste online or at any fine painted furniture retailers near you.  The paste goes a long way as I have transformed a number of hardware pieces and still have a full container left.  It goes on easy and dries pretty quickly.

Gilders Paste was also used on this set of tables.
Updating furniture/cabinet hardware can be a tedious task.  Whether you choose to use the gilders paste or any other method it does give furniture and cabinetry a facelift. And would be a great alternative to new hardware.

I hope I inspired you today!

Mary Elizabeth