Saturday, October 11, 2014

Striped Stained & Painted Wood Table and Deer Mount Plaque

Hi Sweet Readers,

I have been wanting to try this paint and stain technique inspired by for quite sometime.  The inspired paint and stain technique worked out so beautifully on my wooden plaque that I recently finished a round table the same way.  The website and tutorial can be found HERE.  A few days ago I stained a wooden plaque to mount a set of deer antlers.   To read about how to strip and stain wood you can read up on it HERE.  I wanted to glam up the deer antlers and so I added Vintage Gold paint to give a subtle touch of glamour.

I started with the wooden plaque I stained

I added Frog Tape to cover the entire plaque (lazy girl's way to get out of measuring)

After applying all the tape, remove every other line of tape

I recycled the tape I removed and placed over the perimeter edges

I painted in the open areas with some white paint I had on hand

I used several coats to finish the project and applied a little bit of stain on top of the white paint to give it a weathered look

I also painted the tips of the antlers including the center skull using a Vintage Gold paint color  (I recycled the frog tape to do this as well) I like that it's not too glammed up, I think the natural look brings the perfect touch of nature into our home.

This will be hung in our living room as soon as I can get the hardware to hang it up.  I will be sure to follow up with pics!

I really liked how the table turned out. 

I hope I inspired you to do something similar!

Mary Elizabeth

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Painted Personalized Wall Art Under $20 - Painted Picture Frames

Hi Friends,

I cannot wait to go shopping for Pumpkins to distribute all over the house.  I think it adds a beautiful touch of color and a squeal of excitement that Fall is officially here! I am really excited to share this awesome and easy to do makeover with you.  Because I am stocked with paint this makeover cost me less than $20. We don't have a headboard as of yet because our bed fits right inside this cove made in our wall.  So, it will have to do for now.  I wanted something really personal to go over our bed. I didn't want store bought pictures or photographs that were unrelated to "us".  I am super bad at scheduling for professional photographs.  I didn't have any photos of us to use for this project.  So for the meantime, I snapped a few pics of the Mr. and I using my phone.  I downloaded an app (free) that is called Fuji Film Kiosk.  My phone app will actually communicate with the photograph kiosk in Walmart and download photos from my phone to the kiosk!!  I didn't have to hook up my phone to it or anything!  This is super cool and easy to do.  I downloaded it at Walmart while standing in front of the kiosk. Depending on the size of the photographs they run from .30 to $2.50 (approximately).

Walmart Photo Kiosk - $4 for 3 Photographs

Large Wood Picture Frame $5 from thrift store

Center Frame $6 and Smaller Frames $2 each bought from local thrift stores

Organized Frames to Be Sure They All Fit .  I bought picture frame mattes but ended using only the center one.

What you will Need:
  • Frames
  • Photographs
  • Spray Paint 
  • and/ or Latex Paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint Brush or Foam Roller
I used Black Glossy Spray Paint I had on hand

I used Black Gloss Spray Paint to spray paint frames.  I laid them on plastic and sprayed them 10 inches away in a sweeping motion.  I sprayed several coats and allowed drying in between coats.

I used 120 grit sand paper to rough up and sand the frame so that the paint had something to stick to

I used a recycled foam roller from the garage and some left over paint we used in the house
I had some left over paint that we used on the house.  It is called Pearly White and is a $7 sample from Sherwin Williams.  To get it on fast and quick I used a foam roller.  You can get a foam roller set for under $7.

After sanding the frame down, I painted the frame with about 4 coats of paint
Once I sanded the frame, (I skipped priming because it was going to be used for wall art and not a table) I painted about 4 coats of paint of regular latex paint.  Spray paint would be faster but I wanted to save time and money and just used what I have on hand.  

I added gold paint around the inside trim of the frame

My husband is from Louisiana and is a really big Saints and LSU fan!  I am too by association (but I still secretly root for Houston Texans, shhhh!) Hey, I grew up here in Texas.  Anyway they both have gold team colors and wanted to tie the team colors into the comforter he chose for our bed.  I used vintage gold metallic paint from Martha Stewart (can be found at Home Depot).  I painted it on the inside trim of the larger frame.  I am working on a black and white theme throughout the house.  And I loved the idea of black and white frames above our bed. 

Gold Metallic Paint used around the inside trim of the larger frame

Pics of us using my cell phone

Frames & Pics Under $20

Painted Personalized Wall Art

Making Home Sweeter!

This project took me several hours to do because of dry time; however, it is a fast and easy weekend project!  Great for your little ones too!

I hope I inspired you today!  Feel free to comment with any questions you may have!

Mary Elizabeth

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