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How to Stencil a Fabric Chair & How to Paint A Leather Chair (Fabric & Faux Leather)

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I have had many questions as to how I painted and stenciled my fabric and faux leather chairs.  Today, I decided to share what I used and how I achieved the look.  I learned this a while back when Kristy blogged about it at 4 the love of wood. I am an avid follower of her blog and work and you can read all about it HERE.

Let's take a look at the chairs I worked on.

Wing Back Chair
This French style Wing Back Chair looked like it was missing something.  I placed a pillow, a throw, but nothing would do.  The fabric on the wing back chair was smooth almost linen like and I knew the stencil I had would lay flat and would be a good candidate for a stencil painted design.  I love the legs on this pretty chair and decided on a french stencil from Maison De Stencil.
Faux Leather Chair

The second set of chairs I chose for a stenciling project was a pair of faux leather chairs.  I wanted to break up all the Espresso going on and wanted to brighten it up.  It is far from a French style chair but who cares! Just about everybody has a faux leather item in their home.  They make good candidates for a paint makeover.  If you didn't read about my faux leather ottoman makeover using Annie Sloan chalk paint you can HERE.

Here is a list of a few things you will need:

  • Stencil - you can buy stencils just about anywhere such as Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michael's however, for a French stencil you will more than likely have to buy online or from the retailer (Maison De Stencils) or a Chalk Paint retailer near you.  
  • Le Chalk chalk paint powder OR Chalk Paint from a retailer near you.
  • 1 Sample quart of paint (for each paint color you choose) -   I used Behr Powdered Snow WD-700 to paint the white line for the Faux Leather Chairs.  And for the stencil paint color I used SW Virtual Taupe 7039.     
  • Foam Brush - Craft foam brush - because of high demand on these foam brushes Harbor Freight is the only place I can find them reasonably priced.  Everywhere else they sell for $1 to $2 a piece. 
  • Drop cloth or old sheet
 Now you are ready to go!  Let's get started with the Wing Back Fabric Chair

I used a measuring tape to help center the stencil.  After that, I kinda just eyeballed the rest.  I taped it with some construction tape I had on hand.  I mixed my Le Chalk chalk paint powder to an 8 oz. sample of paint.  I used a foam brush to apply two thin coats of SW Virtual Taupe paint to the stencil and chair. ((I really do think that any craft paint will work just as well)) But for those who do have chalk paint powder on hand this would be a great way to use it.

After 2 coats of paint I lifted the stencil and allowed the chair to dry.

OOOh, that's beautiful.  Amazing what stencils can do for your furniture!

The Wing Back Chair with French Stencil should have always looked this way...

The two faux leather chairs got the same treatment but with a little added extra!  I wanted to break up the espresso color and lighten it up a bit.  I chose to paint a white line right down the center of it.  I used all the items listed above.

Espresso Faux Leather Chair
I also used a measuring tape here to measure the outside of the chair to the inside of the stripe.  After I measured this I pinned the tape down and drug it down the chair.  So it was a combination of a measuring tape and eyeballing it.  After applying the tape, I was ready to start painting the center portion of the chair.  I mixed a quart of Behr Powdered Snow with the Le Chalk chalk paint powder.  Le Chalk gives the paint an adhesive quality to it and it is amazing! You can also use any other chalk paint that is near you.

After 1 Coat of Paint
After 2nd Coat of Paint
After 3rd Coat of Paint

I added four coats of paint to the chair to achieve full coverage.  I did have a hard time with the back seat of the chair.  It dried slower than the rest of the chair and took a little longer to finish.

After four coats and a stencil added to each of them...
After the paint dried, I added a glaze (this is optional)

The glaze gives the chair is well worn and loved look.

 The paint adhered to the chairs very well.  We have sat in them, jumped in them, and beat them up and the paint has not gone anywhere! This is a very easy way to spruce up what you already have.  Although the paint and stencil can add up to a few dollars it still saves you hundreds of dollars in new furniture. 

I hope I have inspired you today!

Mary Elizabeth

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