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How to paint curtains - Spray Painted Curtain Swag Makeover

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We are finished with the dusty part of redecorating for now but there is still lots more to do.  It is taking so much time to replace our old decor and instead of throwing our decor away we are either recycling, selling, or swapping for new ones.  So selling our old but beautiful decor is taking some time.  So to say the least, we are taking baby steps towards replacing our wall decor and curtains.  Our house colors have been pretty lively for the past five years.  It included oranges, greens, and beiges.  It was kinda like a tropical atmosphere.  I have been wanting a subdued color scheme and have chosen gray/beige, white, black etc.  Over the past few weeks we have painted and added a few small upgrades to achieve the look that I have been wanting for quite sometime.

I have done some serious shopping for curtains and my husband will not relent about replacing them.  He really would like to see our curtains recycled some how.  But, this is hard to do when you don't know how to sew.  There are a few curtains in the house that were placed on a cornice board and those will be easily recovered with fabric.

These cornice board curtains are scheduled for a makeover but until then follow how I tackled my bedroom curtains.
Below, is another set of curtains my husband wants to keep and isn't budging on our budget. I had to reach for ideas. I even thought of just replacing the swag with a different color of fabric (that would have been less expensive then replacing the entire set). But then the light turned on, why not paint them? To be quite honest, these curtains are not just several hundred dollars, they are custom made. So it was a scary thought but I weighed my options... $12 vs. several hundred dollars. That was a no brainer. I had to schedule this while husband was at work otherwise this would not be going down!

Unfortunately, I could not find a full frontal of my curtains.  However, there are olive green, yellow/gold, and other accent colors that I wanted gone!
Above were how my original curtains looked.  I wish I had a full frontal.  They had shades of olive green, yellow gold, and other accent colors.  What I really liked about them was the vertical lines and knew that they would come out great with some spray paint.  Buying new curtains is not an option at this time and I wanted a drastic change.  So I chose to paint the curtain swag and keep the silk orange drapes.  I used Krylon Color Matte in Smoke Gray to spray paint my curtain swag.

After 3 cans of Krylon, I achieved the smoke gray color and didn't cost but $12

Before Paint
After Paint  This photograph shows color just after 2 cans of paint, but I had to get inside the pleats and edges and had to use an additional can.  Pretty big change huh?

  • You will need to place your curtains in a well ventilated spaces.  Prop it up and place your curtain seams in place or spread it out for even coverage.  Wear protective clothing and respiratory protection & gloves.
  • Krylon Color Matte in the paint color of your choice (2 -4 cans).  Or you can use any brand that says "fabric" can be painted located on the back.
  • Drop cloth
  • Shake the can for a few minutes before using.  I shook them while in line paying for them.
  • Stand at least 10 or 12 inches away (read the back to be sure) to get an even and pretty coat.  Move the can back and forth in a swaying motion so that you will detour from making paint blotches.
  • Allow to dry between coats.  The can I used said fast drying, so I would touch for dryness before proceeding with an additional coat.
  • Depending on how large your project is you may need between 2 and 4 cans of spray paint.
  • My project was not perfect..there was some overspray that you cannot see, but my best advice is to plan it out and take your time.

Before closing, I will say that the curtain swag is stiff after painting.  It is to be expected.  My swag was so far up high that there is no indication that they are hard whatsoever.

This is not the end product to my bedroom but I am on my way there!  If you didn't read about the gold painted garage sale mirrors read here.  It is toward the bottom of the post. Check back to see my "Curtain Painting Video".  It is still being edited at this time but I really wanted to share with you even though it was painted in a very messy garage. My efforts were done to calm any fears you may have about painting your curtains. 

Mary Elizabeth XOXOXOXO

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  1. Really great idea! I have never thought of spray painting curtains. I guess I will do it with my new paint sprayer


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