Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fleaing France Brocante Table Inspiration

Inspiration...it comes by many sources.  Media, travels, a magazine, walking out your door, music, nature, and from someone you might admire.  I get inspired from all of the above!  I am sure you do too.  Lately, I have been staring, gazing, and wishing for all the sweet things that you can find at the Fleaing France Brocante Society.  I visit everyday in hopes to indulge my eyes into something new that Simone may have found.

via:Fleaing France Brocante Society
via:Fleaing France Brocante Society
via:Fleaing France Brocante Society

via:Fleaing France Brocante Society

via:Fleaing France Brocante Society
My kitchen table was inspired from Simone's hypnotizing site..

via:Fleaing France Brocante Society
I love the wood top and chunky chippy white legs in the above photograph.  The chairs are so dainty and quaint and I would love to have all 6 of them!  You can tell that the table has served many family and friends for a long time.  Going to France to buy a similar table was out of the equation.  A few months ago I stumbled across a table very similar.  However, it wasn't so charming at first glance.  What I did like were the bones, once you get past all the ugliness one can see the potential clearly.  Chunky legs and a thick slab of wood for the table top....oooh my...  The previous owners had no idea!.....

The legs were an awful white color and the table top was marked up with markers and crayons.  It was halfway stripped when I thought I should save a before photograph.  The table top is maple and normally you would leave the color of Maple as is because it becomes a little finicky when you are trying to dye her skin.  Maple doesn't like to change colors...but I talked her into it.  I made sure to condition it prior to staining for that extra convincing.

The table honestly didn't want to be stained

But if there is a will there is a way....
It took several tries..
Now, a warm brown maple top...
I chalk painted the legs and chose not to distress the legs.  I love the rounded turned legs.

The table top is a really thick slab of wood and was very heavy bringing in the house.

I feel like I brought Fleaing France into my home.  Stop by and say hi to Simone!

Mary Elizabeth

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