Thursday, August 28, 2014

Painted Furniture & A Wall of Mirrors

Hello Sweet Friends,

I cannot believe the summer is over and children are officially back to school (including my daughter and son whom both work and attend college full time, I still consider them my kids!).  There are 25 days left until Autumnal Equinox.  It seems as if it just got started and in a flash it's completely gone!  I just put out my spring/summer door wreath and now its time to get the fall one out and hung!  I notice time goes by much faster as I get older.  It's no wonder why my grandparents woke up so early, so much to do in so little time.  I remember them having 'cafe con leche' which is coffee and milk in Spanish.  Days with my grandmother included praying for our food, reading the bible in Spanish (I didn't understand a word I was reading), and helping with daily chores.  Time was much much slower in those days.  I thought I would never grow up.  I remember her piano that met us in the foyer that every one of us had to play (out of tune of course) before walking in, I remember her old china cabinet full of things she collected over the years, and her record player that was an actual piece of furniture.  There was always the smell of something cooking and laughter in the air.  We all remember what we want and these are the things I choose to remember of my dearest grandmother.  My mother is the very same way!  I think that is why I love vintage furniture....the way it makes me feel, very nostalgic.

I wanted to share a few photographs from my customers.  These first three are of a customer who wanted her furniture painted prior to moving to the great state of Colorado.  I painted them and she transported them to be with her Military Prince!

Painted Nightstand

Painted Dresser

Painted Buffet turned Dresser
She did a pretty darn good job putting her room together!  She definitely made her room look warm and welcoming.  All these pieces were hand me downs from her grandparents and parents. 

The next photograph is of a French Wing Back Chair with a French Stenciled Motiff I painted onto the chair.  My customer shared that the chair was for her mother-n-law who visits periodically.  She explained that her mother-n-law is 80 years old and they had just bought her a kindle fire. She told me that her mother-n-law thinks the Kindle is the very best since baked bread!  She will walk in the room and find her on the edge of the bed on her Kindle.  She thought her well deserving mother-in-law needed a comfy chair to enjoy her Kindle Fire.  She found the wing back chair I was selling on Offerup which is an app I found on my new phone. And now nestles in the corner of her beautiful guest room.  Her dad gave her the mantle that stands behind the bed.  Beautiful! Whoa! I tell you my customers are talented people!

Painted French Motiff on Chair

I sell a lot of cute finds and all the things I am phasing out of my house on Offerup.  I love this site because its a catalog of things for sale in the area closest to you.   You should give it a try!  To see my my offers on Offerup click here. 

I have been working on my home and one of the projects I had been dying to do was a wall of mirrors.  I know I had seen it on a google search or maybe even Pinterest.  None the less, I wanted to begin my wall of monochromatic mirrors. So this wall will eventually evolve as my collection of mirrors grows!!  I am so excited about it, just remember that it is the beginning of a much larger collection. I used Valspar Metallic Gold to spray paint my mirrors.

These mirrors were mostly finds at thrift stores and garage sales.  Two were from hobby lobby.  The center mirror was $4 at a garage sale!!!  I can't believe it either!

The painted buffet is my very first Successfully Painted Piece.  Painted in all black and original brass hardware was polished until it was beautiful brass gold!
 A better view of my first piece...
   I hope I have inspired you today.....

Mary Elizabeth

P.S. A big thank you to my sweet customers!