Monday, July 14, 2014

Custom Painted Dressers & Nightstand for a Military Bride

Hello Dear Readers,

It is getting hot out there and in my garage!  Temperatures in my garage are sky rocketing and custom paint orders are having to be worked on early morning or evenings.  I enjoy it so much that I am tempted to bring my work inside!  Nevertheless, it gets done! My customer soon to be Military Bride had come to me with "second hand" furniture (as she called it).  IT was Swooonworthy to say the least.  My Sonoma Ranch girlfriends were just hoping it was up for grabs!  But it wasn't, my customer requested specific colors that  would compliment or even match her bedding.  She brought me a nightstand that was custom made by her grandfather, a horizontal dresser, and a vertical dresser.

Horizontal Dresser/Buffet - I had already started the stripping process when I remembered that I needed pics!

Vertical Dresser
Avid woodworkers, I am warning you to close your eyes, please no hate mail!!  The beautiful wood grain on these drawers makes this piece highly sought after.  

I began the stripping process...

Stripping process completed!

I started the stripping process on this one and it was tough!  It took about three different days to finally get this one ready for stain.  After informing my customer about this she mentioned that her grandmother had this piece stained and poly'd not too long that was what it was!  I must say they did a very good job!

Sanded and ready to go!

It really took some elbow grease!

It was ready for paint...I did a sample of the paint color she requested, Cream!  I could already tell that it was going to be beautiful!  It was a mix between a white and beige paint.

Vertical dresser had been sanded here, but it was not the final sanded product.

One of my secret ways to disguise my primer is to prime with similar prime paint color and paint in the center of each drawer that is to be distressed.  (Only furniture with heavy tannins need to be primed prior to painting) 
Because I primered the center portion of the each drawer, I was able to distress the paint around the edges of each drawer for a Vintage appearance.

blue and cream chalk painted dresser

Stained and chalk painted dresser
The top was stained with Dark Walnut

chalk painted dresser cream and blue
The drawers were painted an aqua blue that is hard to pick up with a camera and the body was painted cream.  Both using my LE CHALK chalk paint powder

distressed chalk painted dresser
The edges were distressed and the paint comes off like powder as you begin to sand it down.  Using LE CHALK chalk paint powder is easy to use.  Mix with water and add to your favorite cup or quart of paint!

Le Chalk chalk paint powder
You can paint on and leave on or distress for a vintage look.  After sanding the entire piece, it will leave a smooth finish!

Le Chalk chalk paint powder
I distressed the ornate portions of the dresser a little more after this photo shoot.  Distress to your liking!

Le Chalk chalk paint powder
The material that was brought to me to match the colors.
cream chalk painted dresser
Vertical Dresser All Done!

cream chalk painted dresser
Perfect for the Bride & Groom!

Stained and chalk painted dresser
I think that the makeover embraces both the feminine and masculine qualities of this dresser.

stained dresser LE CHALK chalk paint powder
Paint lies flat and smooth all over!

Cream chalk painted dresser using LE CHALK chalk paint powder
She chose to leave the pulls stained...

Cream chalk painted dresser using LE CHALK chalk paint powder
Highboy top was stained Dark Walnut

Cream chalk painted dresser using LE CHALK chalk paint powder
Distressed a lil here and there...(after photo shoot my customer chose for her piece to be distressed just a little more)

Cream chalk painted dresser using LE CHALK chalk paint powder
In all of her/his Glory!

Cream chalk painted dresser using LE CHALK chalk paint powder
Feminine Details....

Stained dresser top and chalk painted dresser
Strong masculine ones too!  Smooth finish after sanding, stain was protected with polyurethane.

Stained dresser top and chalk painted dresser
She's ready to go...

LE CHALK chalk painted nightstand farm table
Wish I had caught a before shot, NO PRIME needed here!! Yeayyy!  I distressed the table to celebrate the wood work of her grandfather!
I just mixed LE CHALK chalk paint powder with water and added it to this beautiful cream colored latex paint....It was painted on smoothly and left a strong plaster like finish.  And when sanded leaves a smooth silky finish! 

Mary Elizabeth

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