Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's Sunday and I am in Love.....

Hello Sweet Readers,

May was filled with graduations, weddings, and baby showers and I took a break to enjoy the real world and celebrate with loved ones! It has been a blast!  My beautiful step daughter graduated from LSU! Geaux Tigers!  There were real tigers near the stadium inside a huge enclosed area kept in its natural habitat.  It was a sight to see!  We are so excited about her future!

I come from a very small family; however, my parents have large families and are too many to count!  There are many celebrations of every kind each year.  It's like a family reunion and it's beautiful!  With so much to celebrate I found the time to be of service to a customer who is originally from Northern Ireland.
She brought me two beautiful mahogany tables with extension leafs.  She wanted them painted for her darling guest bedroom that is draped with neutrals and whites and wanted accent tables to match.  She chose taupe for the paint color and asked me to do a two tone paint finish.  The taupe paint color she chose was from one of the pieces I finished and posted to my blog. She wasn't quite sure how she wanted it but told me to go for it.  And, I did! 

Friday, I began sanding these lovely tables and I really did fall in love!  The wood was smooth and it sanded softly.  Each piece of furniture that I go to refinish is worked on as if it were my own.  I really treasure how these small pieces of furniture can make one feel in their home.  It just keeps giving back each time you walk in the room.


I had already started on one of them when I realized I needed to snap photographs.  This gives you an idea of just how pretty these table are.

It was a beautiful day to sand and I had already gotten started on one of them.  I took a 80 grit sand paper and started sanding gently but with a little bit of elbow grease!  I stood them together for a photo shoot.
It looks roughed up in the photograph but it was sanded down smooth as a baby's bottom.

I gilded the hardware
After they were both sanded, I mixed LE CHALK chalk paint powder to one of my favorite Taupe paint colors.  One package of LE CHALK is good for 4 cups of paint or 1 quart of paint.  All you do is add water, mix, and add to paint!  It went on very smoothly and loved how it transformed these tables.

It's Sunday and I am in love!

She wanted to be able to really use them and wanted a finish that would be as protective as a factory finished table.  So, I finished it with a poly acrylic a day later.  

Thank you for stopping by!  

Mary Elizabeth

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