Saturday, March 29, 2014

Awww Patina! Patina Mirror - $100

Happy Spring Sweet Readers,

A Faux Patina Finish was just what I was wanting to do with this mirror!  Patina describes the oxidized look that is created on metal over a period of time.  All the colors of metal, green, blue, and white come together for that look we all awe at!

This is what I started with..

This is what I accomplished...
Mirror is ready for your tea party!

Paint Colors of Gold, Greens, Blues, & Whites Makeup this Patina Finish

Refreshing Paint Colors can Wake Up Your Space!

A bouquet of pink roses would compliment this mirror. 

The mirror measures 26 1/2 wide and 36 inches tall (measured at its widest points)

You can place this anywhere for a lovely statement...A mirror makes a room feel very airy

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