Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Biscuits are in the oven and coffee is brewing.  This is not our average everyday morning!  It's Thanksgiving morning!  We are taking our time and enjoying the morning together as we prepare to gather today.   Time goes by so fast, so seizing the moment with my family is so much more important than trying to make a perfect thanksgiving table.

So before we light up the Christmas tree and replace the wreath that is on my door, I want to give thanks.

I give thank for this Fall wreath that was given to us two years ago.  My mother-n-law bought the materials to make this Fall wreath and her best friend put it together for us!  I have treasured my gift so much that I impatiently wait for Fall to hang this gorgeous wreath on the door. I am thankful for her and for all of my husband's family!

Fall Round Burlap Wreath

Happy Thanksgiving!

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