Saturday, September 14, 2013

Personalize your Pumpkin

Happy Saturday!

I am a day away from revealing the pieces I have finished this week! I am really excited about it as it has turned out so beautiful!  It actually has taken longer than one week to finish and it has been a slow process but have enjoyed every bit of it.

"Personalizing your Pumpkin"

As I mentioned before, I love easy ways to decorate! Especially because I have to work at it a little bit.  So the easier the better!

 I bought a Monogram decal for my pumpkin from Hobby Lobby.  All of their fall items are 40% off, including the decal.  It came out to be $1.19 plus tax.  I love this decal because it is not permanent, once you place it onto your pumpkin (or anything you would prefer) it will come right off in the case you don't like where you placed it.  You can move it up or down or onto something else!

You will find the decal on a row that looks like this

Hobby Lobby 40% off Sale

"F" the initial of my last name

So, I placed my decal onto my painted pumpkin.  Once I removed the decal, it got kinda tangled up and it was super easy to untangle.  You can add this to a large plate like the one pictured below, onto a dollar store frame, heirloom pitcher or a store bought pumpkin like the photograph above.  When my husband came home, he told me how special it made him feel to have his monogrammed initial on our home decor.  Well, he is special :)

Monogram decal placed onto painted pumpkin


XOXOX, Mary Elizabeth

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