Friday, September 13, 2013

123 Floral Arrangement

Good Morning!

We are 9 days away from it being officially Fall. So let's giddy-up girls and do something to create your home beautiful! I normally try and find my artificial flowers at local garage sales and thrift stores but I could not find the flowers I really wanted. So, Hobby Lobby was where I found my flowers.

If you are like me, easy steps are the best way to inspire me to do anything I am not good at. I normally have an idea of what I want my floral arrangement to look like; however, I had to get the florists OK in order to proceed with my idea. I hope that the easy steps to this floral arrangement will inspire you!

I chose Hydrangeas, deep purple or mauve. I picked four and maybe could have done five as most designers work with odd numbers. But, I didn't, I chose 4. I also picked up some curly willow and florist foam. That's it! (I ended up not using the florist foam)

Flowers, Curly Willow, Florist Foam (may not need foam)
Curly Willow
Add flowers to vase at the height you would like it to be
Then add your curly willow
And your done!

So here is what you need.....

1. Any flower of your choice

2. Curly willow with a rubber band at the bottom to hold them together.

3. florist foam (I ended up not needing it as my flowers held together where I wanted them)

Here is how to arrange....

1. Place the floral foam at the bottom of your vase and pierce the stem of the flower into the foam. This is only needed if you think your flowers may shift around.

2. The flower stems may be too long so cutting them longer then you need is safe to start with. Cut the flowers or bend the stem until the right height. I chose to have the hydrangeas hang over the lip of the vase.

3. Place a rubber band at the bottom of your curly willow to gather and keep them in one place. Place the curly willow in the middle of your flowers.

That's IT!


If you choose to head out to Hobby Lobby be sure to go their website and print out a 40% off coupon toward one item at regular price. Or if you are a tad bit tech savvy, pull it up on your smartphone and they will honor it as well.


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