Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vintage Side Table with French Typography (SOLD)

Happy Fall Y'all!

Fall is my favorite time of the year, in fact I believe it is many of your favorite seasons too.  Crisper air, cooler weather, and beautiful sunsets!  I just feel the excitement in the air!

I am even more motivated to visit the thrift stores and local garage sales for more pieces to refinish.  I love tables with character and look for distinctive legs and curves to the table.   And speaking of great curves meet this curvy vintage table!

Vintage Side Table with French Typography - $50 (SOLD)

Two Tiered Vintage Side Table / Nightstand

Over 24 inches tall, 16 inches wide, 16 1/2 inches deep
Curvy table top.  Table top space for books & alarm clock!

This little guy has been reinforced, refinished, and ready to go to a happy home!

French Typography on top for a French feel to your cozy home.

Two tiered and more space for books n things.

Antique White and Black

Distressed just right...

Rounded Legs

If you are interested, email me using my contact page or Facebook me using link on the sidebar.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Vintage Bed Frame - Full Size Bed (SOLD)

We received much needed rain over the weekend here in Houston, Texas.  It allowed me to stay indoors and spend a little time on organizing my workshop (the garage).  Spraying for mosquitoes now would probably be a good idea!

I am currently working on a few custom pieces and probably will not be posting anything new until after next week. 

Back to Furniture!

Beautiful Vintage Full Size Bed finished in Antique White.

Curvy Vintage Headboard & Footboard $150

Frame is perfect for your bedroom!

Applique and Perimeter of Frame was Distressed Just Right

So Shabby Chic

French Like Curves

Rounded Legs

Also would be great for a guest room or little girl's room!

Bed-frame is measured at 57 1/2 inches wide and 52 inches tall.  Headboard and Footboard comes with original rails.  (This frame does not support a pillow top mattress as it may be too high.) 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DIY Apothecary Jar

Hi there!

I couldn't wait to share this DIY project.  Especially because it didn't cost me anything as I had everything I needed on hand.  I am hoping you do too!  I was actually online a couple of days ago looking for a great way to fill an apothecary jar.  Yes, just one.  I felt kinda bad because I should have had a set of them by now!  Each time I went online for ideas they have a set of three or more in staggered heights.  And this brought me to the point where I just had to have another!

I ran into this blog site found here (Frugal Upstate) and loved how Jenn shopped at home to make her own apothecary jars!  Really Creative.

This is what you need.

1. Find an old jar. (Mayo Jar, Picante Sauce Jar (curvy), Pickle Jar) My jar was given to me years ago from a family member.  I remember receiving this gift and treasuring it with all my heart!  I thought the shape of the jar and the tri-colored pasta was just beautiful!  It followed me to at least four different moves & that's about how old it is. 

2. I washed the jar and wiped it clean.

Cleaned and Dried

3. I looked everywhere for a glass like candlestick like the ones you can get from a dollar store, I didn't have one.  But what I did have was found at a Goodwill and to be quite honest I don't know what it's called but it held my jewelry.  It was $3 and bought it about three months ago.

4. E6000 Glue.

Here's how I did it:

1. Place glue around the edge of the jar.

Glue Bottom of Jar

 2.  Set jar on top of candle stick or anything that might resemble one.

Allow Time For Drying

 3. Place anywhere you would like and add item inside that will compliment the season we are in.  I just placed the beautiful pasta back inside.  I am thinking of replacing soon with pecans or some type of nuts.

All Done! & Beautiful!

XOXOXO, Mary Elizabeth

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Matching Vintage Dresser (SOLD)

While I was painting this dresser, the question of its travels crossed my mind several times. Wondering where it had been, who was the person(s) that owned it, and what was life like then. Well, this vintage dresser meets the modern world.  And when the two collide it is considered to be Eclectic!  Very Shabby Chic!

This vintage dresser is all wood with dove tail drawers. It was painted an Antique White with a clear wax as a top coat. It was distressed to perfection and is silky smooth to the touch. This handsome and romantic dresser features rounded legs, top drawer for your finer items, and deep drawers to hold just about everything you own.

Handsome Romantic Dresser $150

What I love about white painted furniture is that it will compliment any decor including wood furniture.  

Painted and Distressed Dresser

Silky paint finish

Curvy Lines add to the Vintage Appeal

Distressed To Perfection

Side View
Patina Hardware

All drawer side panels are painted

Dresser measures - 53 1/2 inches tall, 34 inches wide, 18 1/2 inches deep.  If you are interested in any of my furniture pieces you can contact me via the contact page.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Personalize your Pumpkin

Happy Saturday!

I am a day away from revealing the pieces I have finished this week! I am really excited about it as it has turned out so beautiful!  It actually has taken longer than one week to finish and it has been a slow process but have enjoyed every bit of it.

"Personalizing your Pumpkin"

As I mentioned before, I love easy ways to decorate! Especially because I have to work at it a little bit.  So the easier the better!

 I bought a Monogram decal for my pumpkin from Hobby Lobby.  All of their fall items are 40% off, including the decal.  It came out to be $1.19 plus tax.  I love this decal because it is not permanent, once you place it onto your pumpkin (or anything you would prefer) it will come right off in the case you don't like where you placed it.  You can move it up or down or onto something else!

You will find the decal on a row that looks like this

Hobby Lobby 40% off Sale

"F" the initial of my last name

So, I placed my decal onto my painted pumpkin.  Once I removed the decal, it got kinda tangled up and it was super easy to untangle.  You can add this to a large plate like the one pictured below, onto a dollar store frame, heirloom pitcher or a store bought pumpkin like the photograph above.  When my husband came home, he told me how special it made him feel to have his monogrammed initial on our home decor.  Well, he is special :)

Monogram decal placed onto painted pumpkin


XOXOX, Mary Elizabeth

Friday, September 13, 2013

123 Floral Arrangement

Good Morning!

We are 9 days away from it being officially Fall. So let's giddy-up girls and do something to create your home beautiful! I normally try and find my artificial flowers at local garage sales and thrift stores but I could not find the flowers I really wanted. So, Hobby Lobby was where I found my flowers.

If you are like me, easy steps are the best way to inspire me to do anything I am not good at. I normally have an idea of what I want my floral arrangement to look like; however, I had to get the florists OK in order to proceed with my idea. I hope that the easy steps to this floral arrangement will inspire you!

I chose Hydrangeas, deep purple or mauve. I picked four and maybe could have done five as most designers work with odd numbers. But, I didn't, I chose 4. I also picked up some curly willow and florist foam. That's it! (I ended up not using the florist foam)

Flowers, Curly Willow, Florist Foam (may not need foam)
Curly Willow
Add flowers to vase at the height you would like it to be
Then add your curly willow
And your done!

So here is what you need.....

1. Any flower of your choice

2. Curly willow with a rubber band at the bottom to hold them together.

3. florist foam (I ended up not needing it as my flowers held together where I wanted them)

Here is how to arrange....

1. Place the floral foam at the bottom of your vase and pierce the stem of the flower into the foam. This is only needed if you think your flowers may shift around.

2. The flower stems may be too long so cutting them longer then you need is safe to start with. Cut the flowers or bend the stem until the right height. I chose to have the hydrangeas hang over the lip of the vase.

3. Place a rubber band at the bottom of your curly willow to gather and keep them in one place. Place the curly willow in the middle of your flowers.

That's IT!


If you choose to head out to Hobby Lobby be sure to go their website and print out a 40% off coupon toward one item at regular price. Or if you are a tad bit tech savvy, pull it up on your smartphone and they will honor it as well.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

What I Am Working On This Week

Welcome to The Painted Table Boutique blog, I am currently working on several pieces of furniture. My blog is new (bear with me); however, I have had a Facebook Business Page for sometime. I want to share everything I am working on and learning with you! If you click on "past work-sold pieces tab" you will see just a few pieces that I have made over. I will add everything I have for sale soon so stay tuned!

Antique Headboard & Footboard
Antique Vanity
Antique Vanity & Mirror
These pieces are circa 1920-1930 and are in excellent shape. They have character that cannot be found in your average store. They are being painted white and will be ready to view here in a few days...stay tuned!

Decorating with Pumpkins Article from

I absolutely love this article from, which by the way is one of my Favorite sites. Click on the link to show all the ways pumpkins are dressing the inside of homes. You don't need to spend alot to add a touch of fall in your home. Each year I add one or two items to my fall decor and after a few years, you have accumulated a whole box full! Enjoy!
Kitchen ideas, bathroom ideas, and more ∨

Use the help of top home decorators to select matching night stands and a new lamp shade for your own bedroom design.
Work with a home decorator when choosing floor rugs or hanging new window shades in your home.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Painted Pumpkins

Welcome to The Painted Table Boutique where you can Discover and Shop! 


Painting pumpkins from the traditional orange will add a touch of elegance to your home.  I decided to paint my pumpkins white. I purchased them from Walmart for .98 cents a piece.  I had a can of white primer on hand and used it to save a few dollars.  However, I would recommend using antique white or heirloom white.  I also picked up some jute to wrap the plastic stems and to give texture to the pumpkin.  I spent less than $20 for this project.
1. Place the plastic pumpkins on plastic and spray them with your choice of white spray can paint and you can wrap the stems with some tape or paper.
2. Spray one side and let dry, spray the other side, and repeat to desired finish. (Dries pretty fast)
3. Wrap jute around stems and you can use whatever glue you have on hand.
4. Place them anywhere you like.  Or in a Big Bowl!

I added them on top of some books...

Jute added to the stems

I added another onto my coffee table